The Farm and the Orchard

On the chicken farm every afternoon may attend the taking of eggs and make your classification. Also, discover the curiosities of various animals on our farm.

The guided tour will explain orchard crops, varieties and seed products we grow.
In the garden, each season has a different variety of product:
In winter, cabbage, endive, cauliflower, broccoli, chard fill the fields and olive trees laden with olives waiting to be the new oil of the year.
The spring full of colors and smells of the farm fields. Lettuce, beans, cherries and peas welcome you.
Begin the first heat and potatoes land blunt. The first tomatoes and zucchini with eggplants, peppers and green beans, invite the joy of summer.
Autumn, time of pumpkins, beans partridge, ganxet and carai remind us that the cold will come back with cabbages, endives, spinachs and cauliflowers.

…. and a new cycle begins.

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