Sustainable tourism

There is a lot of talk about sustainability and this is the three axes with which we believe and defend. The environmental, the social and the economic.

As a family that works and lives in the field, our commitment to sustainability has been given to us since we were little. The parents already told us to turn off the tap that the water is going away. Close the light you spend. There was no organic rejection, it was a sin to throw away the food and the remains were composted in the garden. There was little cardboard and paper and it was used to pack. The boxes were made of wood and plastic so they could be used for many years. The bottles and carafes were glass and were refilled. Little was thrown away, only if we were not able to give it another use and even so, we kept it just in case … The electrical appliances were repaired, which had to last for many years, just as clothes were sewn or used for cloths.

But things have changed, the progress, consumption and expiration of things have created new ways of doing and have given work to thousands of people here or on the other side of the world, because everything is global, both for good and for evil.
And now we have had to adapt to modernity. We recycle the paper, glass, organic and plastic and the irons and woods that we kept just in case in containers, now we take them to the collection center.
Today the light consumption has shot up and we have installed photovoltaic panels. To be able to save?
We buy soaps and products with ecological and environmental certification, when before we did it at home with soda and pork fat. The ash bleached the clothes until the lye arrived.
But what we continue to do is buy in the neighborhood store the one from the town’s neighbor and the local producer who will sell their seasonal product in the market, because each product has its season and each season its product.
When we need help, we ask for it, in the same way that we are here to help whoever it suits, values ​​that our grandparents instilled in us and now we call solidarity and social will, values, thank you, they have not been lost.
There is no justification for the mistreatment or humiliation of people for any of the reasons or reasons, nor any, for not being fair in payment for the work well done by the people who perform it.
Sustainability and solidarity is all this and more and our grandparents already knew about all this, it was their way of living not wasting resources, they are committed to the neighbors, promote the local economy and be respectful of the environment and the environment that has touched us live.
We follow their example. In 2016 we certified our commitment to Biosphere and adapt within our possibilities and circumstances in the 2030 agenda.

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